Like Drinking the Stars! Dom Pérignon

dom-perignon-5Legend has it that Dom Pérignon, upon taking his first sip of Champagne, gushed, “I am drinking the stars!”

Though this is pure fiction, an early example of marketing baloney, Dom Pérignon was in fact a real person. His major claim to fame: he was responsible for advancing the quality of champagne in the late 17th, early 18th centuries.

Pérignon is credited with perfecting the art of blending Champagne. He blended grapes from different vineyards before pressing, choosing batches according to location, ripeness, and flavor. Through careful blending, he arrived at a consistent, distinctive flavor, a house style, a brand.

And that’s really the art of blending: creating a wine that, though the vintages change, remains relatively consistent in flavor.