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Las Vegas Love Affair – Beau Joie

One of the countless reasons Las Vegans are entangled in a love affair with Champagne is the elegant way it turns even an afternoon by the pool into a special event. Now there’s a notable new twist to the revered classic.

The copper-clad Beau Joie Champagne is made in Epernay, France, but has a local connection: This unique cuvée bubbly is the brainchild of Henderson-based Toast Spirits. Debuting last year in clubs at Aria, Bellagio and Wynn Las Vegas, Beau’s high-quality, distinct bottle design and limited availability exude exclusivity.

“Beau is about delivering a unique experience,” says Toast Spirits cofounder and chief marketing officer Brandis Deitelbaum. “Consumers have had to choose among the same staid Champagne brands for years. We saw an opportunity to infuse the world of Champagne with romance, chivalry, strength and sexiness.”

Crafted from the first (and best) portion of the grape pressing, Beau Joie (meaning “beautiful joy”) is a blend of 60 percent Pinot Noir—which gives Champagne its body and aroma—and 40 percent Chardonnay, providing elegance and finesse. The absence of dosage (extra sugar) means you’re enjoying a dry, rich Extra Brut Champagne, without the fruity, sweet notes that can drag down less complex sparklers. Beau Rosé, new this year, is a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Again, it’s on the dry side, helping avoid that sweet-Asti headache the next day

Beau Joie’s creative packaging isn’t simply window dressing. The repurposed copper latticework surrounding the bottle simultaneously evokes medieval knights, rock stars and Hollywood glam. According to Deitelbaum, it’s also functional: “Copper is a natural conductor and keeps the bottle colder longer.” A patent-pending rubber punt (base) provides extra stability, in case a bubbly-infused evening turns into a late night—or early morning. The bottles are recycled, but many fans have already noticed how beautifully they adorn a table or windowsill.